Report: Scammers posing as Uber drivers at Sea-Tac, other airports

AP file photo

SEATTLE - The local Better Business Bureau is warning of a new scam that targets victims at Sea-Tac Airport and other airports in the U.S.

According to the BBB, scammers are posing as drivers from Uber or other ride-share companies that pick up customers at the airport.

In some cases, the scammers charge enormous fees far in excess of the correct fare. In other cases, the scammers will place an unwary customer's bag in the car trunk and then simply drive off with it.

The scam can happen virtually anywhere that ride-share companies operate, but usually it is at the airport where it's busy and easy for someone to make a mistake.

Customers can protect themselves by being vigilant. The BBB recommends:

- Look at the ride-share app to make sure the make and model match the car that arrives.

- Look at the license plate number and the picture of the driver

- Ask the driver who they are supposed to pick up. If the driver can’t supply your name, just leave.

- Report any scams to the BBB Scam Tracker.

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