Police make arrest in Redmond woman's death

A woman was found dead in a Redmond apartment Tuesday night, and police believe it is likely a case of homicide. (Photo: KOMO News)

REDMOND, Wash. - Investigators have arrested a 26-year-old woman in connection to the death of her wife, who was found dead in the couple's Redmond apartment Tuesday night, according to Police.

Officers found the woman's body, who is also 26, at the Redmond Hill Apartments in in the 18700 block of Redmond Way just before 9 p.m. Tuesday.

“With the signs of violence and with what the detectives have found inside, it is suspected to be a homicide,” said Andrea Wolf-Buck, spokeswoman for Redmond police. “There were definite signs of violence to the victim’s body.”

The official cause of the woman's death has not yet been released, but a police source told KOMO News the woman was stabbed. They said initial evidence shows the woman had been dead for several days.

Detectives tracked down the woman's wife earlier Wednesday at a bus stop in Redmond. She was taken into custody without incident.

Police said that a roommate who lives with a couple in the apartment hadn't seen them in a few days and called police to check on them - and that's how the woman's body was discovered.

The roommate is fully cooperating with the investigation, police said.

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