Police investigate report of rape by Seattle ride-share driver

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SEATTLE -- Seattle police say officers are investigating a report that a ride-share driver forced a woman into a Capitol Hill apartment, where he raped her for several hours Sunday,

The woman, who is in her 20s, was picked up by the ride-share driver on Capitol Hill on Sunday afternoon. The driver canceled her ride and told her she would not be charged the fare, police said.

Then he drove her to an apartment near the 1700 block of Summit Avenue. He forced her into the apartment, where he sexually assaulted her, police said.

She was able to get away and contacted police the following day. Investigators are working with her and the ride-share company to identify the driver.

Police say passengers using a ride-share service should be aware of any attempts by the driver to cancel a ride. Passengers should ensure the vehicle and driver match any notifications from the ride-share company.

Police also say passengers who have a crime to report involving a ride-share driver should call police and file a complaint with the ride-share company as soon as possible. That will allow the driver's information to be flagged for police.

Ride-share users who live on Summit Avenue said said ride-share apps should have a safer way to alert for help.

“Put a panic button on the app,” ride-share user Erica Butler said. “The poor woman who was attacked, she had her phone. If it had gone directly to whatever service she was with, they would have known instantly and been able to do something about it.”

“I'm a sexual assault survivor and I've been living here for seven years and knowing that something like that happened on my street makes me sick,” said neighbor Sahar Emadi.

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