Pierce County Medical Examiner whistleblower placed on leave

    Pierce County Associate Medical Examiner placed on leave (PHOTO: Courtesy of Pierce County)

    Dr. Megan Quinn, the associate medical examiner with Pierce County, has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into possible misconduct.

    The investigation is looking into a potential conflict of interest, inappropriate workplace behavior including insubordination and disclosure of confidential information.

    Last month Quinn filed a whistleblower complaint against the Pierce County chief medical examiner, Dr. Clark, saying he "fails in his management of cases to adhere to established practice standards set forth by academic forensic pathology literature," and he actively interferes with Quinn's investigations.

    Quinn alleged Dr. Clark mismanages evidence and is an office bully.

    According to Libby Catalinich with Pierce County, concerns were raised about Quinn before she filed the whistleblower complaint, but she couldn't say who or when specifically.

    They hope their investigation will be done by March 29, when Quinn's paid leave is over. But if it's not, it will be extended.

    The investigation into Quinn's complaint into the Chief Medical Examiner is still ongoing and her being put on leave doesn't negate or end the complaint

    Quinn has been with the Pierce County Medical Examiner's Office since August.

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