Parents criticize Tacoma assistant principal's rap lyrics

He's a Lincoln High School Assistant Principal by day and rapper by night. Logic Amen has been creating music for years, but some parents are now questioning some of his lyrics. (Photo: KOMO News)

TACOMA, Wash. - When Logic Amen isn't working with students as assistant principal at Tacoma's Lincoln High School, he's rapping, writing and working in the community.

But, he's recently come under fire by some parents who are questioning some of the lyrics in his music - music he says is a teaching tool.

"Since we already know that you're committing acts of violence because you have family disfunction, you have economic hardships or because you feel like you're alone, right? So let's address that," said Amen.

In Amen's 2017 song entitled, "Cancel Christmas," he raps about witnessing domestic violence, loading a rifle, wanting to pull the fire alarm and leave the halls bloody. But some angry parents told the News Tribune that it's inappropriate for Amen to use those lyrics because he's an educator.

"Would we have preferred that he not produce music with some of those lyrics? Absolutely. At the same time, recognize that Mr. Amen and all of our employees have lives outside of their work here at the school district," said Dan Voelpel, spokesman for Tacoma Public Schools.

"Certainly in this case, it's artistic expression in his music and not a threat to the school," added Voelpel.

Those parents haven't reached out to the school district or Amen, but Amen said he wants parents, students and the community to be clear about his intentions.

"I haven't used it at work. It hasn't disrupted the educational process. It hasn't caused anyone to be unsafe. None of the students can be interviewed and say, 'oh I listened to his lyrics and now I want to hurt somebody," said Amen.

Voelpel said Amen has contributed to the graduation rate increase at Lincoln High School and has no history of complaints or disciplinary action against him.

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