Mystery of hospitalized homeless man known as 'Kenny Kenny' finally solved

Homeless Seattle man going by the name Kenny Kenny has no legal identity. He is in rough physical shape as he lies in a University of Washington hospital bed. Homeless advocates are trying to figure out his legal identity. (Photo: KOMO News)

SEATTLE - The mystery over who is Kenny Kenny, the hospitalized homeless man in Seattle, has finally been solved.

KOMO News first reported the story in March, when his court-appointed legal guardian, Channa Copeland, and the King County Superior Court couldn't figure out who he was.

For decades, he has was a fixture roaming the neighborhood surrounding University Avenue near the University of Washington campus.

But in January, the man with two first names, was discovered with a severe case of frostbite. Doctors had to amputate his feet and all his finger tips except his thumbs.

The King County Sheriff’s office took thumbprints but it lead to a dead end.

He's been hospitalized ever since.

Copeland told KOMO News that without a name, social security number or birth date, he could not apply for medicare or receive the long-term care he needs.

In April, with help from a genetic scientist, "Kenny Kenny" submitted a DNA test to try and solve the mystery.

This week, Copeland said they finally had a break through.

She said although she can't legally release his real name to the public, they've learned he's 67, was born in Renton and is a military veteran.

They were also able to track down his sister - who had apparently been searching for him since the 1980s.

Copeland also said he and his sister have since reunited in person at the hospital.

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