Police: Road rage believed to be cause of shooting on I-405 near Southcenter

State Patrol troopers investigate after a man was wounded in the hand in a drive-by shooting on southbound Interstate 405 near the Southcenter overpass on Thursday, May 24, 2018. (Photo: KOMO Air 4)

TUKWILA, Wash. -- A driver was wounded in the hand Thursday afternoon in a drive-by shooting on southbound Interstate 405 in Tukwila.

Tukwila police said the shooting was a result of road rage. The shooter is at large.

The Washington State Patrol said it got call about 4:20 p.m. about a drive-by shooting just north of the Southcenter overpass.

Troopers found a man who had been shot in the arm. There was a language barrier.

The man in his 40s was conscious and alert, authorities said.

Tukwila police said before the shooting, the gunman honked at the victim twice—even after the man switched lanes.

Troopers later stopped a gold Toyota matching the shooter's car description in Fife and the driver of that car surrendered.

But Tukwila police said Friday that the car was unrelated to the shooting

Police believe the car detectives are looking for is a gray or silver 1995 or 1996 four-door Toyota Camry.

The car has lightly tinted windows.

Police say the driver is described as a thin, younger light-skinned black man. He has shoulder-length hair and was wearing a tan T-shirt.

The incident blocked two left lanes of southbound I-405 for over an hour.

Drivers were left wondering why anyone would put lives at risk on a busy holiday weekend.

"What's the point of getting that angry in traffic whenever somebody's life is going to be over or you're not going to be able to go home that night,” said driver Chris Landrum.

People who drive 405 everyday say they've seen reckless drivers but this road rage shooting has gone too far.

"It's kind of makes me scared that people are that passionate about it that they feel the need to pull out weapons,” said driver Michelle Montero. “What if it happens again?”

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