Landslide advisory issued for Puget Sound region

Brunner is not worried about a devastating slide. (Photo: KOMO News)

TACOMA, Wash. -- The state has issued a landslide 'advisory' for most of the Puget Sound region Wednesday.

We are just now entering the landslide season according the Department of Natural Resources.

"Well that's the nice part. It's nice looking out over greenery," said northeast Tacoma resident Dietrich Brunner. His home is perched at the edge of the steep hillside with spectacular views of Commencement Bay.

The recent rains are a bit of a concern, but he feels safe for now. "You'd have to have a really great downpour. We wouldn't want the hurricane waters, 20 inches of rain in a day. That would do us in," Brunner said.

Down below him is Marine View Drive. The banks were holding their own. But a year ago the hillside gave way sending mud over the roadway and shutting it down.

Tuesday the DNR landslide danger warning map showed an advisory for just the South Sound and north Olympic Peninsula. But Wednesday the landslide advisory covered much of Western Washington.

"It's not alarming," said Trevor Conteras, DNR geologist. "It's just an advisory that it's good for people to get familiar with what landslides are and what they're risks are."

The geologists say one of the keys to keeping the homes from sliding is to take all of the water falling on the rooftops and sending it way down the hillside.

"People don't think of where their gutters are discharging, and if they go onto a landslide unstable area, it's adding weight and making the ground lose strength," Conteras said

Brunner said the homes on the ridgeline have taken that into consideration. "Because most of these homes do divert their water pretty far down where it isn't so steep anymore."

DNR said the landslide concerns could be elevated to a 'watch' or a 'warning' depending on how much rain falls over the next several day.

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