Dozens of animals saved from squalor at Kitsap County home

Animals rescued from Kitsap County home (KOMO Photo)

NEAR BREMERTON, Wash. - A welfare check led to the discovery of three dozen of dogs and other pets left to survive in their own filth at a home in Kitsap County.

The animals - which include 26 small breed dogs, five rabbits, four cats, and one guinea pig - were left in the home for years living in squalor, according to investigators. Some never saw the light of day and only occasionally got to see their owner, investigators said.

“They definitely all are really nervous," said Samantha Fairweather, the assistant director of animal welfare at the Kitsap Humane Society.

Many of the dogs appear to be Yorkshire Terrier mixes and were rescued from what the humane society calls a deplorable hoarding situation.

“These dogs were covered in fecal matter,” said Chase Connolly, a Kitsap Animal Control supervisor. “Their hair was matted, they had urine-scalding, fleas."

The homeowner, who lives in another county, told investigators she visited the animals every other day. However, Connolly said it appears some dogs never left their cages.

“The level of neglect in this case is definitely the worst I’ve seen during my time at Kitsap,” Fairweather said.

The owner could face animal cruelty charges but the immediate concern is grooming, dental care and behavioral work these dogs will need before they can be adopted.

Kitsap Humane Society is looking for foster families who can care for these animals while they undergo treatment. They are also seeking donations, adding that the Groomery in Port Orchard and Silverdale Pet Grooming have already been very supportive.

For those who want to help, or get on a list to eventually adopt one of these pets, more information is available at the Kitsap Humane Society website.

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