10-year-old boy who went missing in Fife found safe

Photo courtesy Fife Police Department.

FIFE, Wash. - A 10-year-old boy who went missing in Fife Wednesday night has been found and is safe, Fife's Chief of Police Pete Fisher says.

Lucas Daniel Triggs, 10, went missing after playing a prank with a friend on a neighbor at the apartment complex where he lived, police said in a press release Thursday morning.

The apartment complex is in the 2400 block of 62nd Avenue East. The pair fled because they feared being disciplined.

They stayed in the 2100 block of 54th Avenue East near the fire station until it started getting dark, the Police Deaprtment said. Triggs' friend returned home, but said Triggs was afraid to go back to the apartment complex.

A woman called police Thursday and told officers that she found Triggs last night. She says he was scared, so she brought him to her house.

"We have detectives over there right now interviewing her," Fisher said.

When she saw that police were searching for Triggs, she called the Police Department.

Police picked up Triggs and returned him to his family.

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