'Not the smartest thing to do': Thief attempts to steal car outside Lynnwood gun shop

A local man is behind bars after police said he tried to steal a truck from the parking lot of a Lynnwood gun shop on Sunday. (Photo: KOMO News)

LYNNWOOD, Wash. - A suspected car thief is under arrest after police said he tried to steal a truck from the parking lot of a Lynnwood gun shop Sunday.

Two workers at Lynnwood Gun and Ammunition noticed something outside didn't seem right and jumped into action.

"Gentleman was walking in front of the store and had some odd behavior," said store owner Tiffany Causer.

She was watching closely as the man got inside her husband's Ford truck.

"So we had some employees that opened up the vehicle to try and ask the person to get out. That was not working," said Causer.

The employees ended up holding the man at gunpoint to stop the crime in progress.

"Once they decided to comply, at that point we had to point the firearm at them to make sure, because we didn't know if they had a weapon at that point," said Causer.

Causer said they acted out of concern that someone would get hurt or even killed at their business, which few would likely target to commit a crime.

"The guy decided he was going to steal a vehicle from in front of a gun shop, where everyone is armed," Causer said. "It probably was probably not the smartest thing to do."

The suspect was taken into custody and made his first court appearance on Monday. A judge found probable cause for theft of a motor vehicle.

The gun shop's employees credit local law enforcement for a peaceful deescalation to a dangerous situation.

"I immediately called dispatch. We had a 90-second response time," said Causer.

She said they've learned a lesson everyone should be reminded of.

"Don't leave your vehicle unlocked," said Causer.

The suspect is being held on $2,500 bond. He's set to be back in court on Tuesday.

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