Granite Falls school has first prom to let students be 'regular kids'

Crossroads Alternative High Granite Falls is preparing for its first prom to let its students be "regular kids." (Photo: KOMO News)

GRANITE FALLS, Wash. -- An alternative high school in Granite Falls is hosting its first ever prom this weekend in an effort to help its students be “regular kids” for a night.

"Hearing them be so excited - it makes all of it worth it because they’re getting to be kids and most of them don’t," said Tracy Orr, who is a teacher at Crossroads Alternative High School.

Orr, who teaches math, has students in her classroom coping with trauma, anxiety, and mental health conditions. Others are teen moms or homeless.

“Some of those kids are 16 years old and are helping to support families, and for one day to just get to be a kid-- has been amazing,” said Orr.

Orr started organizing the event in February. She and the students have organized fundraisers and reached out to the community for donations. Some people have even stepped up to offer their time and services – giving the students free haircuts, makeovers and flowers to get ready for their big night.

"It’s awesome that you have community members that are willing to do something like that for a small school like us," said student Ryan Whitton. "All these kids -- they deserve stuff like this. A lot of these kids can’t afford clothes like that."

As students prepare for the formal event, staff has turned a classroom into a dressing room where students can try on clothing that was donated by the community.

"I love it. It gives everybody a chance to actually be a part of something without judgment," said student Rhiannen Conrad, who was trying on dresses on Tuesday morning.

About 190 students attend Crossroads, and 150 of them are expected at prom. In an effort to get as many students there, Orr reached out to each student who said he or she couldn’t go to figure out how to get them there.

"We just go about our day, and we don’t get to see them actually be silly kids and try on dresses and talk about it and be excited and just be kids, and I’m excited for them to come and just get to do that" Orr said.

There are still items the school is looking for to help students get ready for prom. The items include: makeup, hairspray, full-length mirrors, bobby pins, mascara, makeup sponges, solid color ties, men’s clothing, jewelry, men’s shoes and black socks.

If you’d like to make a donation, checks can be sent to the Crossroads ASB at Crossroads Alternative High School. Or you click here to make an online donation.

For more information you can call the school at 360-283-4407 or contact Tracy Orr at