Eyman claims he accidentally took chair from Office Depot

    Office Depot surveillance video of Tim Eyman (Source: Lacey Police Dept.)

    LACEY, Wash. - Anti-tax initiative promoter Tim Eyman says the alleged theft of a $70 chair from Office Depot was an accident.

    Surveillance video was released last week showing Eyman meandering about the front of the store and then sitting in the chair before walking off with it and not paying for it.

    In a sworn affidavit released to the media, Eyman says he was distracted by a phone call.

    "I went through the process of paying (and) as I left the store, I thought all was paid for," he writes.

    His attorney, Casey Arbenz, tells KOMO News, "Since then, we have reached out to Office Depot in an effort to return the chair and/or pay for it, as its removal without payment was accidental."

    Eyman has been charged with theft. No court date has been set.

    Store employees say they checked the surveillance video Wednesday after noticing that the office chair near the entryway was missing. The video shows Eyman wearing a bright red shirt with the words "Let the voter decide" emblazoned across the front, the police report said.

    Eyman then can be seen walking into the foyer, sitting on the office chair, spinning in it and wheeling it out the front door.

    Eyman is known for his $30 car-tab initiative, which is headed to the Legislature. If the Legislature does not approve the Initiative 976, it will go to voters in November.

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