Blewett Pass reopens after crash involving two semi trucks

A crash blocked Blewett Pass on Monday, May 14, 2018. There was also a spill of 10,000 gallons of liquid asphalt. (Photo: Washington State Patrol)

BLEWETT PASS, Wash. -- Blewett Pass has reopened in both directions with flagger-controlled traffic, after a crash involving two semi trucks shut down the highway for more than five hours on Monday, according tot he State Patrol.

The crash happened around noon and caused both trucks and their trailers to overturn. One of the trailers spilled 10,000 gallons of liquid asphalt onto U.S. Route 97 at Liberty Road.

In addition to the wrecked semis, crews also have to deal with cleaning up the liquid asphalt. The other truck was carrying concrete.

The State Patrol said while Blewett Pass is now open, drivers can expect intermittent delays later tonight while they remove overturned tanker truck from the crash scene.

Injuries in the crash were minor.

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