Conway post office celebrates historic milestone: 125 years in business

The Conway Post Office celebrated its 125th birthday on July 10, 2018 . (KOMO Photo)

CONWAY, Wash. -- The tiny post office in the Skagit County town of Conway hit quite the milestone this week.

The post office, which its in the shadow off the sun along Main Street, has now been open for 125 years.

"It’s a small post office. You come in and everybody knows what’s going on," said sales associate Alison Pietrone.

That’s what Pietrone loves about working at the post office.

Every customer is a friend.

"Oh, here’s Don!" she exclaimed as long-time customer Don "Dyno" Johnson stopped by.

Johnson’s been coming in for decades.

"I remember the train coming through. And picking up the mail bags. And then they’d drop them off, too," Johnson told KOMO News. "They had a special pole and just picked ‘em off that hook."

The post office opened on July 10, 1893. It's changed locations several times, long-time customers told KOMO News.

The post office moved into its current location decades ago, records show.

Employees recently learned from a collector that a special anniversary was fast-approaching.

"We got a letter from a person that does collecting. He collects post marks and he sent a letter wanting us to post mark our Conway post mark on July 10th, so that he could have that as a souvenir for his collection," Pietrone said. "He explained. He said ‘Happy 125th birthday’ and I started looking into it. And gosh, that’s a big deal."

It is a big deal.

Several long-time customers told KOMO News that they remember a time when there was once talk of closing the post office.

"They just protested like heck," Johnson said. "They didn’t want this post office closed."

As Johnson has learned over the years, there’s good reason why.

With no street delivery in Conway, the post office brings people together.

"I always get to vicariously live through them," Pietrone said. "Find out what they’re doing."

"You don’t stay long," Johnson added. "You have conversations and you ask how each other’s doin’. So, it’s a very social place."

It's a place that Johnson hopes will be making memories for another 125 years.

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