Boy, 5, and father shocked by power lines in Everett

Father, 5-year-old son shocked by power lines in Everett (Photo: KOMO News)

EVERETT, Wash. - Investigators are looking into why a young boy was riding a boom-lift with his dad when they struck an overhead power line Friday afternoon in Everett. Both ended up in the hospital, the boy in serious condition.

“It was horrible, the crying and the screaming," said Heather Laurence, who works nearby at After Image beauty salon.

Laurence said she still felt shaken by what she heard, especially since she saw the man and his five-year-old son in her workplace just moments before.

“He had actually walked into the salon, him and the son, to ask to park back here to get some work done," she said.

The dad and the boy used the bathroom but went back out to the alley near the intersection of Colby Avenue and California Street almost immediately.

“Next thing we know, we just heard a loud noise and lost power instantly and then just heard the screaming from we now know was the child," Laurence said.

Witnesses described a bright blue flash when the lift came into contact with the high-voltage lines. The father managed to lower the machine, and medics arrived a short time later.

“We don't know what they were doing in the boom lift so that's under investigation right now," said Rachael Doniger with the Everett Fire Department.

The boy suffered electrical burns. He has been upgraded to satisfactory. The father will also be OK.

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