Armed suspects at large after smashing into Everett pawn shop

KOMO photo.

EVERETT, Wash. - Police are asking for the public's help finding three burglars that rammed their vehicles into the front door of an Everett pawn shop and made off with nearly two dozen handguns.

Surveillance video captured the crime and shows the suspects ramming the back of the car into the door over and over again.

Once inside, the three suspects were in and out in just minutes, grabbing just guns and leaving other valuables behind, including thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.

The video was taken just after 3 a.m. Saturday.

Pawn Fathers is in the the 6400 block of Evergreen Way. A police officer with the city says he heard an alarm going off as he was passing by.

The officer entered through the store's smashed door and noticed several glass cases that had also been smashed with rocks.

Store owner Jessica Adams says the theft was devastating.

"I was shocked that they actually made it through the steel gates," Adams said. "We do a lot as far as security goes ... it's a pretty sturdy system we have here."

Adams says she is hoping that someone saw something.

Police have identified the three suspects as young men and say they carried off about two dozen firearms. Officers say the men had covered faces and were wearing hoodies and gloves.

Adams says she is grateful that the men didn't take the jewelry nearby and says it's pretty obvious that the men knew what they were looking for.

Police haven't said if the robbery was gang-related, though Adams notes that the area is home to a significant amount of drug and gang activity.

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