Again?!? Second excavator stolen from Kent construction sites

FILE photo of 2016 Hitachi ZX50U-5 excavator, provided by the Puget Sound Auto Theft Task Force

KENT, Wash. -- Police are hoping to dig up some clues into who is stealing large construction equipment in Kent.

Over the weekend, an excavator was stolen from a job site near the 3600 block of S. 249th Street, according to the Puget Sound Auto Theft Task Force.

The missing excavator was described as a 2016 Hitachi ZX50U-5 excavator. Police ask if you see an excavator "that seems out of place, please notify us immediately."

It's the second piece of large construction equipment stolen from a Kent job site this month. On June 6, thieves managed to make off with a large excavator from a construction site on Kent's East Hill.

Surveillance video showed a white Ford Super Duty Truck with a trailer make off with the 2018 CAT 304E2 Excavator. Detectives say a black Ford Freestyle was involved in the theft as well.

That excavator that was stolen from the construction site is worth about $70,000, investigators told KOMO News. Police haven't determined yet if the two thefts are connected to the same suspects.

If you recognize the vehicles or have any information on the thefts, you're asked to call the Puget Sound Auto Theft Task Force.

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