5-year-old Vancouver boy recovering from flesh-eating bacteria

Christopher Rainey (Family Photo)

PORTLAND, Ore. — A 5-year-old Vancouver, Wash., boy with autism is recovering at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Ore., from flesh-eating bacteria that nearly killed him.

The bacteria attacked Christopher Rainey's calf muscle and part of his hamstring.

Bacteria normally forms after a cut of some sort, but Christopher's father Phillip says there were no obvious signs, though his son had recently suffered from the flu and a double ear infection, which may have compromised his immune system.

Phillip said they only went to the doctor after his son started complaining about pain in his leg.

"Had we waited another day, we would be having a different conversation," said Phillip Rainey. "It would be he lost his leg, he passed away. Those were the options."

The Centers for Disease Control says it's a rare bacterium and is not contagious.

Symptoms include a fever, chills and fatigue, typically after getting a cut.

If you'd like to contribute to a recovery fund for Christopher, go to his GoFundMe page.

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