5 Redmond detectives on leave following suspect shooting death

Detectives investigate after a man was shot at killed by Redmond Police officers at a Safeway gas station in Kirkland on Thursday, June 14, 2018. (Photo: KOMO News)

Five Redmond police detectives are now on administrative leave after the shooting death of a suspect at a busy Safeway gas station in Kirkland last week.

The detectives range in age from 35 to 47 and have 11 to 22 years of experience in law enforcement. The list includes every Redmond detective on the scene of the shooting although it is unclear how many of them fired shots in the incident.

Police said detectives were trying to arrest the 39-year-old suspect and he refused to cooperate. Shots were fired and he died at the scene. The suspect has at least one previous conviction.

"I heard a rapid succession of shots coming from the gas pumps," a witness told KOMO News. "All I heard were shots and it was a pretty serious thing, people were running."

Investigators recoved a gun belonging to the suspect but did not say if he fired at the officers.

Detectives from Kirkland Police are investigating.

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