Deputy opens fire after driver tries to ram patrol car in South Hill, no one injured

For the second time in a week, a Pierce County Sheriff's deputy has been in an officer-involved shooting. (KOMO News) 

SOUTH HILL, Wash. -- A Pierce County Sheriff's deputy was in an officer-involved shooting early Friday morning. This happened on the heals of Sunday's killing of fellow deputy Daniel McCartney.

Fortunately, the Friday shooting did not result in anyone getting hurt.

Friday's incident unfolded at about 4 a.m. when the deputy spotted a stolen beige 1994 Honda Accord near Sunrise Boulevard East and Meridian East, sheriff's officials said.

The deputy tried to stop the stolen car, but the driver would not pull over, made multiple turns through residential areas and turned off his headlights - all with the deputy in pursuit.

As the two vehicles neared Pope Elementary School, the driver of the stolen car rammed the deputy's patrol car, and the deputy was able to stop the stolen car with a pivoting PIT maneuver. But when the deputy exited his cruiser to make an arrest, the suspect put the stolen car into reverse and tried to back over the deputy, detective EdTroyer said.

The deputy then fired two shots into the rear window of the stolen car.

The driver of the stolen car, a 26-year-old man, and his 19-year-old woman passenger gave up after the shots were fired and were taken into custody.

"This was kind of a wild one," Troyer said.

The whole pursuit ended up in Doug Hummer's front yard.

"I just remember hearing the sirens and they got closer and closer," Hummer said. "And then gun shots and then an impact... an accident."

Hummer and Diane Langer's fence was knocked down and car smashed into.

"That's good," Langer said. "No officers were injured. They caught the bad guy. Just property damage."

The deputies are still out on high risk calls even though this has been a week filled with grief with the loss of Deputy McCartney. It was just five days earlier that McCartney responded to an urgent 911 call of a home invasion robbery in progress.

He chased the two suspects and got into a deadly gun battle. Suspect Henry Carden died in the shootout. Suspected accomplice Frank Pawul was later arrested along with suspected getaway driver Brenda Troyer.

The deputy in the Friday morning shooting was part of that Sunday night response and had just come back to work from administrative leave. The sheriff said his deputies wouldn't shirk their responsibilities to protect the community.

"They still have to do their job even they are still grieving all over the place," Langer said. "Not just this agency but other agencies also."

"I feel sorry that they lost a brother," Hummer said. "And that's one of the main reasons they're probably doing it."

The deputy involved in the shooting is once again on administrative leave, which is routine. The suspects were booked into the Pierce County jail.

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