2 arrested as police connect murders in Arlington, Mukilteo last week

    Police investigate the murder of a man whose body was found in an abandoned lot in Mukilteo. (KOMO Photo)<p>{/p}

    MUKILTEO, Wash. -- Two people are now facing murder charges in connection with the shooting deaths of two men in Mukilteo and Arlington last week.

    The first victim's body was discovered on July 1 near Blue Stilly Park in Arlington. The Snohomish County Medical Examiner determined the victim had been beaten first, then shot seven times.

    Two days later, a body was found beaten, shot, and stabbed 27 times near an abandoned building in Mukilteo.

    Detectives believe the two murders are related, stemming from a jealous rage over the girlfriend of one of the suspects, according to court documents.

    Investigators said they were able to track down the Arlington murder's suspect after his girlfriend's car was captured in surveillance video near the scene from a nearby fire station. He was arrested and brought in for questioning.

    During the interview, the suspect, 18, said he had just been released from jail on June 30, and his girlfriend told him that while he had been in jail, there was a night when she awoke while sleeping in her car outside her apartment to find the victim watching her and texting someone else and that it "creeped her out."

    The suspect said he became enraged and tracked down the victim walking with a common friend, where he confronted the victim about watching his girlfriend. He and the victim got into the car and were driven to a lot behind the Albertson's store where he grabbed a bat and began beating the victim, court documents say. The suspect then drove the victim to their apartment where he bound him with tape and electrical cord and then went to sleep, leaving the victim bound on the ground, according to the court file.

    Later that night, the suspect, along with his girlfriend and two other friends drove the victim to Arlington where the suspect beat the victim again with a bat then drove away. They returned minutes later to find the victim still sitting there, and fired two gunshots into his foot, according to police. Then after driving away a second time, they returned a third time and shot the victim five times, killing him, according to court documents.

    "I killed him. I wanted him to suffer," police said the suspect told them. The suspect added the victim told him during the beatings he wasn't sorry and still wanted to have sexual relations with his girlfriend, and was going to come after him when it was over, according to court records.

    After the murder, the suspect said he soon found out who the now-deceased victim was texting while spying on his girlfriend was in the car, angering him further.

    The Arlington murder suspect met up with a 20-year-old friend and they confronted their second victim at a gas station. They took him to a wooded area in Edmonds, where he was beaten with a bat and stabbed, according to police.

    The two suspects then put the second victim in their car where they stabbed him repeatedly as one of them drove to the abandoned Mukilteo building, court records say. They brought the second victim inside the building, where the first suspect's friend shot this victim three times, killing him, according to the case file.

    After the interview, the first suspect agreed to be driven to the various crime scenes where detectives recovered what they believe are the murder weapons.

    The Arlington murder suspect is now being held in the Snohomish County Jail for investigation of first-degree murder and first-degree kidnapping. Police are asking that he be held without bail as he is a flight risk and had stated that had he not been captured, he was planning an elaborate plan to dispose of the bodies and flee the area. He also threatened that if anyone had harmed his or his girlfriend's family, "he'd escape from jail to deal with them," court records say.

    The Mukilteo murder suspect is being held for investigation of aggravated first-degree murder.

    Both made their first court appearance on Monday and both were ordered held without bail.

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