Mommy and Me Yoga in Dayton, Ohio (SBG Photo)

DAYTON, Ohio -- Plenty of new moms will recognize this scenario: Time they used to spend on themselves is lost in the shuffle of caring for a little one.

But it doesn't always have to be one or the other.

Inside Jennifer Mesaros' yoga studio, you'll find a class catering to the smallest students. It's called "Mommy and Me" and was started a few years ago after the birth of Jennifer's own son, when she faced some of the common, first-time mom struggles.

"I think sometimes we kind of get lost with moms," Mesaros said. "Mom doesn't have as much time or money to get out and do self-care. We think about what we are doing great as moms, and showing forgiveness for what maybe we just need to let go of."

For students, the class is a source of support and a place to refocus. Each practice is 45 minutes, giving moms time to breath, stretch and relax in a safe and judgement-free space.

"This gives an opportunity for all of us moms to be here together," said mom Kelley McBee. "So you get little opportunities, where you're trusting other moms who are keeping an eye out, taking your chance to kind of relax. And then it comes to you -- just kind of a natural thing."

And while the kids aren't always the most cooperative in the studio, it's the tools these moms get to take home that they say keeps them coming back.

"I think just the breathing, especially if he's challenging me --I just can go to the yoga breathing and relax," said mom Becky Sennet.

And as the lights dim, and a final stage of relaxation sets in, moms and babies discover a little bit of peace.

"It's a great community of moms and it's a way for them to get out and socialize their kids and socialize with each other," Mesaros said.

Kids spend plenty of the class running around, but advocates say children are still learning overall body awareness and how to manage stress.

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