Adults: Vaccines aren't just for kids

Adults need to stay up to date on vaccines

Most of us make sure our kids are up to date with their vaccines. But what about ourselves?

Preventative medicine specialist Dr. Michael Roizen says its just as vital for adults to stay up to date on their shots to protect themselves from preventable diseases, starting with an annual flu shot.

“Right now you need one every year; you decrease your need for hospitalizations from all causes by fifty percent, you decrease your risk of heart attacks, over a ten year period, by twenty-five percent" explains Dr. Roizen. "These are huge changes, just by getting a little prick.”

Get the shingles vaccine too. A recent study finds that contracting shingles can increase your risk of heart attack and stroke immediately following the virus, thanks to the excess inflammation that causes plaque to break off, which can obstruct blood flow.

So, listen to your doc when it comes to preventable diseases.

“Get vaccinated!" encourages Dr. Roizen. "So whether it is shingles routinely at fifty, or getting another T-DAP, or getting your immunizations for flu and for pneumonia regularly, you should do it.”

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