Eric's Heroes: A family just getting by discovers an angel named Alice

Baby Alice. (Pboto: KOMO News)

SHELTON, Wash. -- The Myers family on the edge of Shelton has its struggles.

"We've always found a way ... to get by," Jacquie Myers says.

But that hasn't stopped the family from helping others, even though there is not much materially to give.

There was that time they helped the young homeless couple. The couple had drug problems and were about to have a baby.

The help didn't work. At least not in the way the Myers family expected.

The family now has baby Alice, who has become a shining light to one and all.

"We have the room for her. We have the love," Jacquie Myers says. "She's perfect. She's just amazing."

The journey to Alice began in Tacoma a year ago.

"There was a tree over here," Jacquie Myers says, "that they were sleeping under that they had a tent on."

They were young and homeless. And they had problems.

April was 18 and a drug addict.

Vincent was 25 and also a drug addict. He was a convicted child rapist and sex offender.

Jacquie Myers wanted to help. She befriended them. They told her a month after meeting that April was pregnant. They didn't want the baby.

So Jacquie Myers hatched an idea to keep mother and child together.

The idea went like this: "We'll buy you an RV. We'll give you an acre and free rent, cable, water, WiFi, everything. You can have it all for free. But I need you to go to a parenting class. And I need you to go to some kind of therapy for yourself."

The Myers family bought a trailer and set it up.

But the best laid plans don't often go as we wish. April had the baby, then signed away her legal rights to Alice. She left the baby with the Myers family and left.

She didn't come back. She didn't even call.

"She's only 18, and she's had a hard life. A horrible life," Myers said. "I guess you can't save somebody that doesn't want to be saved."

Then were was baby Alice. What was the Myers family to do?

Jacquie and Jeff Myers have three boys: 19-year-old Isaac, 16-year-old Tyler and 12-year-old Parker.

"We were done," Jacquie Myers says. "We were in the homestretch."

But little Alice changed it all.

"I love her," Parker says.

They were all head over heels in love with the baby, and Jeff and Jacquie Myers decided to become her legal guardians.

"It seemed better than the other options," says Jeff Myers.

It worked.

"I can't even come close to explaining how grateful I am for family. From Day 1 they just ... adopted her," Jacquie Myers says.

"Joy" is how Jacquie Myers describes the baby.

"She is just so amazing ... I think she's brought out the best in all of us because she's just ... she's just perfect."

The family's sacrifice makes sense if you understand where Jacquie and Jeff Myers came from.

They were foster kids, then homeless.

Jacquie Myers slept in Dumpsters and under bridges.

That's why she was so willing to help that young couple in Tacoma.

"It's hard, and that's why I couldn't just leave and say, 'Oh, somebody's going to help her,' " Jacquie Myers says, "because nobody helped me."

So the family grew by one.

There's a tarp on the roof. And the trailer is still on the property. There are struggles.

But this family has other priorities.

"I guess what we're doing right now is we're saving up to adopt her, We don't just want to be a guardian," Jacquie Myers says.

"She's our daughter."

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