Scott Carty on 'The Wall,' 'King Arthur,' 'Snatched'

Charlie Hunnam stars in '"King Arthur: Legend of the Sword."

For your choices at the movies this weekend, I offer up three very different movies to entertain you. One has explosive comedy. One has a hunky Charlie Hunnam.

But one has some explosive and intense action. That would be “The Wall” from Amazon Studios, starring Aaron Taylor Johnson and John Cena.

“The Wall” (Rated R) -- Amazon Studios

This rated-R psychological thriller portrays the dramatic story of two U.S. soldiers on opposite sides of a crumbling wall, pinned under fire by an Iraqi sniper. And it is remarkable! In fact, for much of the movie, Aaron Taylor Johnson delivers a solo performance on screen that reveals the vulnerability and isolation of his character in ways that are too tough to imagine.

“King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” (Rated PG-13) - Warner Bros. Pictures

If you’re a fan of Charlie Hunnam, you’ll love seeing him as King Arthur in “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.” This take on King Arthur gets director Guy Ritchie’s touch with edgy, action-packed wit.

“Snatched” (Rated R) - 20th Century Fox

For Mother’s Day laughs, you can treat Mom to Goldie Hawn’s big screen return in “Snatched.” Be warned, though: Mom can’t be too sensitive, and she’ll need a sense of humor!

Hawn plays Amy Schumer’s mom in the comedy as they reluctantly find themselves on a tropical vacation. They struggle to connect. Then, they get kidnapped and have to fight to survive — bringing them closer together.

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