Target removes 2 fidget spinner models due to high lead concerns

U.S.Pirg photo

Over the weekend, Target announced it's pulling two fidget spinner models off the shelves.

The move comes in response to reports that Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Brass, and the Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Metal contain levels of lead that greatly exceed the Consumer Produdt Safety Commission's legal limit for lead in children's toys.

U.S. PIRG conducted the lead tests and released it's findings last Thursday. The consumer advocacy group wants the CPSC to revise regulations that allow fidget spinners to be classified as "general use" products which are not required to meet the same lead standards as toys designed for children ages 12 and under.

The Public Interest Research Groups argue that fidget spinners are wildly popular with children of all ages, and say the fidget spinners they purchased in Target stores were stocked in the toy aisle.

In response to concerns raised by the U.S. PIRG research, CPSC issued a general safety alert . Target started removing online ads for the spinners in question on Friday. On Saturday the retailer announced the products would be removed from store shelves.

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