Some women still smoke when pregnant

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Most women stop smoking when they become pregnant – most, but now all.

The Centers for Disease Control just released a survey of women in all 50 states and it shows that one in 14 women still smokes while expecting.

"Smoking at any time during pregnancy is not good,” said Dr. Edith Cheng, an obstetrician with UW Medicine. “We encourage that as soon as you become pregnant, that if you are smoking, you stop smoking."

Dr. Cheng says smoking is linked to a number of pregnancy-related health issues , including preterm deliveries.

"Babies also tend to be smaller compared to babies born to moms who don't smoke and there is a higher incidence of still births,” Dr. Cheng said. “There are also some respiratory and chronic lung problems, like asthma, later on in life."

Dr. Cheng says it's the nicotine that causes the problems, so using a nicotine patch or e-cigarette to vape nicotine is not the way to try to quit. You need to find a smoking cessation program that will help you kick the habit. Your OBGYN should be able to steer you in the right direction.

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