Scammers target local seniors as new Medicare cards head to people in Washington state image

If you or anyone you know is eligible for Medicare, beware of scammers claiming to help process the new Medicare cards.

The new cards replace your social security number with a number that is unique to you.

They're designed to improve security, but scammers are pretending to be with Medicare and use various tricks to get your personal information or bank account numbers.

According to the Senior Medicare Patrol, a non-profit advocacy group, the scams are hitting nationwide.

If you get a call, email, post card or letter claiming to need your information, bank account number or pay a fee for a new Medicare card- do not respond. Don't click on a link or open an attachment. Don't give out any information.

Always contact Medicare directly by going to the official Medicare website.

The new Medicare cards are being mailed out in phases through next April. Cards for people here in Washington should hit the mail next month.

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