Now you can recycle unwanted latex paint

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Oil-based paint is hazardous waste and needs to be disposed of properly. Unwanted latex paint, on the other hand, can go in the trash – after it's dried out and solidified.

But now, it can also be recycled.

A company called GreenSheen will process that old latex paint which is then sold at some Habitat for Humanity stores in Western Washington.

"The price is roughly about 25 percent of the price of new latex paint,” said GreenSheen’s Peter Thermos. "You won't get as many colors and also the sheens are blended together – you don't have a sheen in the same way you do with new latex paint, such as flat, gloss or eggshell. You have a blended sheen, but it's excellent protective paint for interior or exterior."

Some local paint and hardware stores will take back your unwanted latex paint for a fee.

This Saturday, July 14, Bellevue is collecting old latex paint at Sammamish High School from 9 am to 3 pm. The fee: $1.25 for a quart, $2.25 for a gallon.

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