Imposter scams take number 1 spot on FTC annual list of fraud complaints

FTC website

According to its annual summary of complaints, the Federal Trade Commission says American consumers reported losing a total $905 million to fraud in 2017.

While overall consumer complaints were actually down last year, the FTC report indicates victims victims reported $63 million more in losses.

Based on the total number of complaints, Imposter Scams take the number one spot in the FTC's top ten fraud categories. Victims lost $328 million.

In the numver two spot, Telephone and Mobile Services, with $17 million lost to bogus offers and pitches by phone or mobile devices.

The third highest number of complaints involve Prizes, Sweepstakes and Lotteries that make you pay for money you'll never get. Total losses? $95 million.

Shop-At-Home and Catalog Sales come in at number four, with $94 million lost.

And at number five, Internet Services. Consumers lost $19 million after clicking, applying or responding to websites, posts and internet pop-ups.

Rounding out the Top Ten Fraud Categories: Counterfeit Checks, Travel Vacation and Time Share plans, Business and Job Opportunities, Advance Payment Credit Services and Health Care Fraud.

You can find more about all of the top consumer complaints on the Federal Trade Commission website.

That's also where you can file complaints about scams, deceptive advertising, unethical and unfair business practices and more.

The FTC site is also a good place to learn more about common scams, and get alerts about the latest scams and deceptive practices that can take your money.

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