How to handle those constant interruptions

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You're trying to focus on a project at work, but someone is always interrupting. Sound familiar?

This constant stream of distractions hurts productivity – unless you know how to deal with it.

Sophie Leroy, an assistant professor at the UW's Bothell School of Business, suggests making what she calls a “ready-to-resume” plan.

"If you are interrupted, take a few seconds to write down where you are on that task that you were just interrupted, and very importantly, what you plan to do next on that task when you return to it – a couple points, a couple steps,” she said.

Leroy says the brain isn't very good at multi-tasking. Making that ready-to-resume list will let it shift gears – shutting down one project and moving to the next.

“Suddenly the brain is not going to worry that it has to remember to do X, Y and Z on this task. It's on paper. I can let go. Now I can relax because I won't forget about it,” Leroy explained. “And by doing that your attention is going to be able to switch much more effectively to the task that was interrupting you or the person who was interrupting you.”

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