How a typo in a web address can be dangerous

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Typos happen. Scammers are counting on it.

Slip up when entering a web address into your browser and you could wind up in trouble.

John Breyault, who runs the website, says just one letter can make all the difference.

"So instead of, you may type or instead of, you may type or instead of .com in a regular web address, like the bank's address, you put in .cm."

These simple typos, Breyault says, can take you to a crook's imposter website that’s made to look just like the site you wanted to visit.

"They are designed to get you to provide sensitive personal information to a scammer or install malware on your computer that can track your keystrokes or steal your credit card number,” he said.

Here's one way to protect yourself: Bookmark your favorite websites: That way you won't have to worry about making a typo. This is especially important for websites that have access to your financial information.

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