Diet Coke gets new look and flavors amid sinking sales

Coca-Cola unveiled sweeping changes to the design of its Diet Coke cans, including four new flavors (Photo courtesy: Coca-Cola)

NEW YORK (AP) — Diet Coke is getting a makeover to try and reverse slumping sales for the sugar-free soda.

Coca-Cola Co. says it is adding a slimmer 12-ounce Diet Coke can, refreshing the logo and offering the 35-year-old drink in four new flavors, including mango and ginger lime.

The Atlanta-based company says the taste of the plain Diet Coke will stay the same.

Diet Coke sales have fallen as more people switch to other low-calorie drinks, such as flavored fizzy water.

The company says Diet Coke's new look and flavors were aimed to appeal to millennials.

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