White House Director of Trade & Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro talks trade with China

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With the replacement for NAFTA negotiated, the Trump administration fully turns to concentrating on resolving the trade relationship with China. I spoke with the White House Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, Peter Navarro, who is a China expert on this complicated issue. Here’s what Peter shared.

NAVARRO: There's now a common consensus on Capitol Hill and the mainstream media and across this great land that China is cheating us blind.

On the tech side, they steal our intellectual property, they forced their technology transfer, and then just simply on the manufacturing side, they just dumped product after product into our markets that's government subsidized and made by state owned enterprises. There's no way that American businesses can compete against that and we've seen 5 million manufacturing jobs go off shore because of that. We’ve shut down over 70,000 factories.

BORIS: Do you think there will be a resolution in the end? Is China going to give in? Their economy seems to be starting to slow down as a result of the tariffs.

NAVARRO: I'll be honest with you Boris, China's problem is that its success over the last 15 years has been predicated on sticking it to everybody else.

President Trump is drawing a line in the sand and said, that's not going to happen under his watch.

We would love free, fair and reciprocal trade with the world, including China, but they have got to stop doing what they're doing in terms of taking our intellectual property in terms of targeting our technologies. That, that just won't cut it because it's our future at stake.

Here's the Bottom Line: China has not played fair on international trade for decades. What America wants and deserves is fair, free and reciprocal trade with China.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Boris Epshteyn formerly served as a Senior Advisor to the Trump Campaign and served in the White House as Special Assistant to The President and Assistant Communications Director for Surrogate Operations.

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