Exclusive: President Trump discussed the unfair treatment of him by many in media

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President Trump feels that he is not treated fairly by most of the media. He spoke about that extensively during our exclusive one-on-one interview.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I am treated less fairly than anybody who's probably ever lived. The media is fake—not all of it—about 85 percent of it, though, big percentage.

It's fake it, they don't tell the truth. They say they have sources and they don't. They make up the sources. They don’t have sources. I mean they have some, but basically oftentimes they don't have any. They'll just say, “six people have said!” Tell them the name of the people that wouldn't be able to.

BORIS: Or low level who you've never talk to before.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: No, I’m telling you—yeah, but they don't even do that. These are really dishonest people. I always ask why you know? What’s the point? We have the best economy we've ever had. So many things are going well. No, the media is really dishonest, and reports came out. Even when I do really good stuff, they make it look as bad as possible. But when I things that are really phenomenal, like as an example, North Korea, we're doing a phenomenal job in North Korea. We were going to war. Before I got in, we would’ve had a war. Before anything we got our hostages back. We got so many different things.

BORIS: The remains.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: We got the remains. No more missile testing, no more rocket testing, no more nuclear testing. And I met and they said, “he met, he met, therefore he lost because they met.” Like I said, in other words, they couldn't get anything substantive. So, they said, “ah”, the fact that. I will say when it was announced that I was going to meet until they got their little dialogue straightened out, they thought it was incredible, but you know, but within 24 hours they said—no, the media is unbelievably dishonest. And I actually say that the fake news media is truly an enemy of the people. It hurts our country tremendously.

BORIS: But the people see through it, don't you think?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, I had a rally last night here where they had thousands and thousands of people. They sent away thousands of people, they couldn't get into the convention center. And it was really incredible. So, I guess the bottom line is they must.

Here’s the bottom line: sadly, many in the media are inherently biased against the president. And that creeps into their coverage into the White House. Let’s hope that the press can start concentrating on facts and issues that matter to the American people and not gossip and innuendo.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Boris Epshteyn formerly served as a Senior Advisor to the Trump Campaign and served in the White House as Special Assistant to The President and Assistant Communications Director for Surrogate Operations

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