Signing up kids for after school programs

A local company is helping parents and students find after school programs. (Photo: KOMO News)

Getting the kids back to class helps a lot of parents, who work full time.

But there's still that gap between the end of the school day and the time parents get home from work.

This is where after school classes and programs come in handy.

A good program, not only cares for the kids, but Anne Livingston, who coordinates these programs at Adams Elementary says they also really extend the learning curve.

“I have seen kids grow in their confidence and they learn so much during the day and then after school they have a chance to kind of fill in the blanks in terms of their personal interest and they're able to get better skills that they wouldn't necessarily always have,” Livingston

The options are endless; sports, art, drama, chess and more.

So how do you find a great program for your child?

Livingston and dozens of other local schools use an online service called 6 Crickets.

Helen Wang said she created this online tool to help parents.

"Parents can come to their schools' registration portal sees all the programs from different providers," said Wang.

And Wang says 6 crickets even includes registration and payment.

And now that Livingston uses 6 crickets at Adams elementary, she says she has more time to focus on finding quality programs.

"I can't even begin to tell you how much time I’ve saved. It's been hours and hours and hours of busy work I don’t have to do anymore," added Livingston.

Wang added, "We are providing this great community platform to assist these great community leaders."

6 Crickets started out to help parents find and book summer camps and it’s expanded into after school enrichment programs. Using the service is free for parents.

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