'Kids are getting very excited' -- Anacortes readies to move into new high school

Anacortes High School (KOMO Photo)

ANACORTES, Wash. -- It’s been a busy summer for high school staff in Anacortes, with two big moves in two months.

“Kids are getting very excited about moving in,” said Anacortes Superintendent Mark Wenzel.

Not much is left of the old Anacortes High School. The front facade is now open like a doll house, exposing what’s left of empty classrooms and hallways.

The school year ended in June and teachers quickly got to work. They had just a few days to pack up supplies and store it all in the auxiliary gym for the summer.

The district then stripped the building before demolition began in July.

The heating system, white boards, smoke detectors and other items were priced to move for a massive garage sale.

“We wanted to make sure we were being good stewards of everything we had in the school," said Wenzel. “So first, we had our principals from other schools come in and see what they could use and then we opened it up to the community and Habitat for Humanity came in and other school districts.”

Now, it’s time to put it all back together. New furniture arrived at the beginning of August, and teachers are unpacking quickly. They got inside last week to start setting up classrooms before kids show up for the first day of class on Sept. 6.

“We’ve got a great team working on it so we're confident we're gonna be able to hit that date," said Wenzel.

The new $90 million high school is being built in three phases, including a new stadium.

Now that the main high school corridor is complete, the old high school site will be leveled and turned in to a new technical wing, music rooms and parking lot. That last phase is set to be done by next spring.

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