Artist creates Game of Thrones scenes using the pages of used books

    Credit: Jamie Hannigan/Cover Images 

    American artist Jamie Hannigan has recreated cities from the award-winning Game of Thrones series using the pages of books.

    Hannigan, a native of Northeast Pennsylvania, created the GOT universe, as shown on the show’s intro, in sequence. Describing the process Hannigan, who by day is Chief Creative Officer at JVW Inc in Scranton, says each sculpture takes between 10 to 20 hours to complete depending on the level of detail and the amount of planning that goes into mapping it out prior to construction.

    “Regarding this particular project, my intention is to create most, if not all, of the major cities featured in the Game of Thrones opening title sequence,” she tells Cover Images. “I typically start by getting as many images as possible for reference and then drawing a scaled, bird's eye view version that I can use as a map to place the different elements. “All of my book sculptures depict the story of the book they are made from, and they each use only the pages of that book; I go through phases, and I’ve learned to embrace that in my work.”

    As with the series Hannigan has yet to complete her sculpture series. “I'm working on another piece now (Dorne) and I have several more planned out.”

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